Star Essenite©


Star Essenite© is THE STRONGEST energy stone on the planet.  

It increases your EME Stream, or Kundalini, by over 1,000%.  

Over 2.14 billion years ago, a very large part of an exploded star crashed on the Earth.  The large parts of this exploded star already had pieces of the first planet (Gaeira) in it.  This qualifies it as Essenite.  Essenite is anything with the physical matter (including its' relevent energy) of both the first living planet and the Earth.

Star Essenite is Essenite with actual cold Star matter in it, as the name suggests.  It also has four of Jupiter's moons in it as well as parts of three others.

How does this stone have such a strong effect on the body's energy field?  This little beauty, like all stones when close to you, back feeds through your Aura and into your EME Stream. Gaeira's  energy enters your EME Stream and pulls more of your spirit into you.  This increases your body's energy 900%.

Then there is the addition of actual cold star matter.  It increases your EME Stream another 300%.  It doesn't pull more of your energy into your body as it's Male Star Essence, not Planetary Female Essence.

Gaeira's planet was 270 times the mass of Jupiter, so she's incredibly strong.  It's impossible to fit all of your personal energy inside your bodies anymore so there's plenty to pull inside you.  This SUPERCHARGES your EME Stream and enables your Chakras to flush themselves, enhance your fortitude, health, and sometimes your physical endurance.  

Whether you can feel it yet or not, it's working.  It's also put under pillows to enhance dreaming or also used with meditation for the same purpose, to heighten enlightenment and stamina.

There is  precious little of it around and when you get Star Essenite here, it will have J.A.E.'s energy in it also.  Once you can feel energy, you can feel the difference.

In summary, this stone enhances your abilities, awakens determination to quit bad habits (increased fortitude), and more.  It's a RARE gift from this planet.  

Please complete the contact page for purchasing information.  Jay can give you insight into the energy of different stones and what your body needs as well as that of your family and friends.